Mugambi Jouet’s upcoming book on American exceptionalism provides an original outlook on the political, legal, and social issues facing America today.


Mugambi Jouet’s academic articles are now available on SSRN, including his upcoming study of human rights in America in The Pace Law Review.

Salon headlined several articles by Mugambi Jouet on the separation of church and statethe death penaltymass incarcerationand other issues.

The Huffington Post features Mugambi Jouet’s blog, including articles on the Obama presidency, health care reform, gay marriage, gun control, the First Amendment,  immigration reform, and international human rights.

In Slate France, Mugambi Jouet explored the relationship between certain aspects of American exceptionalism and American decline.

Guernica Magazine featured articles by Mugambi Jouet on the Syrian crisis and “American exceptionalism,” as well as on religion in America.

In Le Monde, Mugambi Jouet discussed the polarization of American society and the harshness of the U.S. penal system.

Truthout headlined articles by Mugambi Jouet on various dimensions of American exceptionalism and on Paul Ryan’s rather libertarian ideology.

Mugambi Jouet was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article discussing the Dominique Strauss-Kahn criminal case.

Collier’s Magazine featured an article by Mugambi Jouet entitled “The Polarization of the American Dream.”


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