Mugambi Jouet teaches at Stanford Law School and is the author of  Exceptional America: What Divides Americans From the World and From Each Other (University of California Press), a book exploring the intriguing roots of America’s intense polarization and Donald Trump’s election. He was interviewed on C-SPAN’s Book TV, NPR/WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show, and many other radio programs about his book’s release, as well as quoted in Newsweek. He recently started tweeting.


Comparing the reactions to 9/11 in America with the Parisian terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and French Jews



Mugambi Jouet’s book tour includes the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan, Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Cambridge Forum at Harvard Square,  and Politics and Prose in D.C.

Mother Jones featured a print article of his on Donald Trump’s racial rhetoric and dog whistle messages.

Slate featured an article by Mugambi Jouet on how Antonin Scalia’s ideology contributed to mass incarceration, numerous executions, and institutional racism.

The New Republic headlined articles of his on the intriguing historical roots of Donald Trump’s evangelical support and on how the debate over the death penalty in America compares to other countries.

The San Francisco Chronicle published an op-ed article by Mugambi Jouet on the humane, legal, and political dimensions of the death penalty.

In Le Monde, he discussed the polarization of modern America and its harsh penal system. His articles have appeared in other prominent French publications, including Libération and Le Nouvel Observateur.

Mugambi Jouet was interviewed on many occasions on the international TV station France 24, including about the Ferguson crisis and anti-terrorism laws. He was also interviewed in depth on French national public radio, as well as Radio Canada.

His academic articles are now on SSRN, including his study of human rights in America and an article on war crimes in the prestigious Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law.

The Huffington Post features his blog, including articles on human rights, the Obama presidency, health care reform, wealth inequality, gay marriage, and the First Amendment.

The Hill, the Washington, D.C., newspaper, published an article in which he analyzed the Supreme Court’s latest decisions.



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